Junior Program


After learning from some of the greatest minds in golf and from academies that are producing world champions, Georgia Golf Performance created the "Performance Pathway" to guide juniors to where their aspirations and dreams may be. From 5 to 18 years old, GGP has a place for you! More Information  
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Alex A.
Truly Making Champions
The kids and parents are all super supportive and the team just feels like an extended family. Georgia Golf Performance is not only creating great golfers but giving these kids the guidance and education to create amazing individuals ready to take on life with the same mature and respectful attitude that they are taught on the course.

Gabriella S.
Great Programs!
Excellent program to learn fundamentals in golf. I recommend it to anyone who is beginning or intermediate and wanting to get more practice in. All of my sons instructors have been wonderful and the overall organization is run well!

Daniel T.
Highly Recommend!
Highly recommend GGP for all ages and experience levels! Best coaches, golf & athletic development programs, philosophy, facilities, and golf tech! This team is doing something special!

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