Blake Stark

Performance Coach Blake lives his passion out everyday, of Guiding Golfers To Their Best Scores!!  Blake believes that to best serve clients, no matter their age, a holistic approach is best; designing a swing around a player's physical abilities produces the client's desired ball flight.  Blake can also use advanced statistical analysis to maximize players' practice, and to coach them on how to play a course through strategy and by using their strengths. All to Guide the golfer to their Best Score!

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Bob Grunn
Bob Grunn Performance Testimonial
With recently achieving the lowest round of my life of 74 (almost shot my age), and breaking into the 70's now. Has all be achievable with Blake’s guidance. He analyzed my swing, skill set, and my body and developed a personalized action plan, which focused me on specific targeted areas that provided the biggest ROI that were limiting my scoring ability. Coaching on and off the course and prescribed drills were the feedback I needed to track my progress. Where before I had no plan of improvement when at the course. Blake has lived up to Guiding me to My Best Scores Ever!

Awards and Certificates

K Motion Certified

Bodirak Certified

TPI Level 1 Certified