Jamal Gibson

Jamal Gibson graduated from University of Florida, where he majored in Exercise Sports Science with a concentration on Fitness Wellness. Jamal has worked in the fitness industry for almost 25 years. His career has allowed him to train a broad range of people from paraplegics, to high-performance and professional athletes, with his elite specialty being club sports (golf and tennis).  

Jamal is extremely passionate about golf! He also loves music, business, art in all forms and learning new things. 

Jamal's golf specific journey started in 2006 when he got his TPI level 1 certification. Jamal has worked in country clubs, golf academies, with the PGA, LPGA and Mini tours. Jamal also has knowledge in recovery and injury prevention as well as nutrition, performance enhancement and behavior change specializations through NASM. 

Some of the players Jamal has trained include Charles Howell, Brian Gay, Morgan Hoffmann, Yani Tseng, Rich Lerner and more.